Change The Voice


Change Into Passive Voice

The page is about tense wise Active Voice and Passive voice. The given table gives you a clear idea about changing the voice

Structure of Active Voice = Sub + Verb + obj 

Structure of Passive Voice = Obj + to be + V3 + by + sub 

To be form is used in accordance with the Tense form and number of object

Sub and obj are changed if they are pronouns. 

(I - me; We-us; You-you; He-him; She-her; It- it; They-them and vice versa)

Active Voice
Passive Voice
Simple Present
1. I like books.
2. She sings a song.
3. He offers me a job.
Obj+am/is/are+V3 +by+sub
      1.       Books are liked by me.
      2.       A song is sung by her.
      3.       I am offered a job by     him.       or
A job is offered to me by him.
Pre. Continuous
1. We are reading books.
2. She is singing a song.
3. He is telling us a story.
Obj+am/is/are+being+V3 +by+sub
Books are being read by us.
A song is being sung by her.
We are being told a story by him.
A story is being told to us by him.
Present Perfect
1. I have won the prize.
2. She has sung songs.
3. They have answered the question.
Obj+have/has+been+V3 +by+sub
1. The prize has been won by me.
2. Songs have been sung by her.
3.The question has been answered by them.

Simple Past

         1.       He taught men.
         2.        She sang a song.
Obj+was/were+V3 +by+sub
      1.       Men were taught by him.
      2.       A song was sung by her.

Past Cont.                   

        1.       He was directing a film.
        2.       We were flying kites. 
Obj+was/were+being+V3 +by+sub
     1.       A film was being directed by him.
     2.       Kites were being flown by us.

Past Perfect

        1.       She had written a novel.
Obj+had+been+V3 +by+sub
     1.       A novel had been written by her.

Simple Future                  
         1.       I shall write a    letter.
Obj+shall/will+be+V3 +by+sub
        1.       A letter will be written by me.
 Future Perfect
          1.       I will have secured a job.
Obj+shall/will+have been +V3 +by+sub
      1.       A job will have been secured by me.
Sentence with    modal auxiliary                           
      1.       We must wear helmets.
      2.       You may evade punishment.
      3.       He would badger people.
Obj+Modals+ be +V3 +by+sub
      1.       Helmets must be worn by us.
      2.       Punishment may be evaded by you.
      3.       People would be badgered by him.